Creepy girl singing

A more sad "lala"song. Perhaps the warriors are coming home and the child sees a dead covered body and just A piece of my original song "Devil's Waltz" A dark humming melody that wasily could seduce any man or tempt Angels singing in Heaven or some people singing in a church. Perfect as backgroundmusic.


Language: I just improvise. A child human? One thing is sure, whatever this twisted child or little demon wants - it is not to play the way It is the same as "Sad soft song" but in a lighter voice to make it sound like a little In the background of a sad story being told or a flashback a soft sad song is heard sung by We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies. For more information check out our cookies policy. Register Log In. AlucardsBride An error occurred, please try again. AlucardsBride's latest sounds Garden of crushed dreams. Garden of crushed dreams A sad beautiful heartbreaking humming. AlucardsBride February 8th, downloads 7 comments.

AlucardsBride July 8th, downloads 4 comments. AlucardsBride July 8th, downloads 3 comments.

Chloe's Lullaby Part 2 - Creepy Girl Singing - Creepy Music Box

AlucardsBride July 8th, downloads 13 comments. A dark lullaby that is hummed, a little waltz in the middle. AlucardsBride July 8th, downloads 12 comments. A worried child calls for mommy! AlucardsBride April 13th, downloads 1 comment. A worried girl calls for Daddy! AlucardsBride April 13th, downloads 2 comments. Angel Church Choir. AlucardsBride April 3rd, downloads 19 comments. This is me humming "Mockingbird".

AlucardsBride March 5th, downloads 5 comments. A little girl is being tickled and laughs while she begs the person to stop. AlucardsBride March 3rd, downloads 2 comments. A little girl is giggling a sweet giggle. AlucardsBride March 3rd, downloads 12 comments. Come out and play with me creepy.For added atmosphere, play the music from this track while reading on. If a program or film wants to add fear to a scene one of the most creepy ways is to have a Creepy Childor a whole creepy choir, singing somewhere in the distance or background, usually the tune is a mournful nursery rhyme.

Sometimes it will seem like the characters can hear it and they may even call out, asking if anyone is there. Compare and contrast: Ironic Nursery Tune which is always something the characters can hear and is often said or sung by one of them.

Compare Ominous Latin Chanting. Contrast Cherubic Choir. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

creepy girl singing

Expensive horror films have more expensive theme tunes, they'd be sort of choirs of small children going, "Ahhahhhhahhhhahhhahhhahhh I died tragically ahhhahhhahh. Anime And Manga. Black Lagoon : "My mother has killed me They'll bury them, under the cold marble stones If you fail to see why, consider that at the film climax, Nausicaa has more or less become an avenging version of a Messianic Archetype ; in the manga, it is far, far worse. Neon Genesis Evangelion uses this in the Rebuild movies in the distressing scenes.

Although no words can be made out, you can hear childlike vocalizing in Nui Harime 's leitmotif in Kill la Kill. She has this leitmotif for a very good reason. It did a damn good job of turning mundane, peaceful scenes like a cityscape at sunset into spooky panoramas. Comic Books. Simon Dark : The kids in Gotham Village sing about Simon coming after those who are "bad" while skipping rope.

It's unclear if Simon named himself after their song or if the song was made about him, but given Beth's reaction the song and its singers are unsettling. Films — Animated. In Coralinethis trope is practically the whole soundtrack. Parodied in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wantedwhen the three lemurs wind up in Sonya the bear's supposedly empty train car. A creepy child-like "La la la" appears King Julien, who gets freaked out by the chanting, tells him to stop.

Films — Live-Action. The Innocents has a few instances, plus a child's creepy poem recital for good measure. The children are strongly implied to be spectres of Freddy's previous victims, as he often populates his nightmare world with them. Just you wait, it won't be long The man in black will soon be here With his cleaver's blade so true He'll make mincemeat out of you!

The protagonist of Ancillary Justicethe Artificial Intelligence of a spaceship that operates planetside through Meat Puppet soldiers called ancillaries, hears some children playing a game and singing about them.

One, two, my aunt told me Three, four, the corpse soldier Five, six, it'll shoot you in the eye Seven, eight, kill you dead Nine, ten, break it apart and put it back together. Live Action TV. She sings "London Bridge" quietly, and occasionally plays a recorder.Buy sounds previous play pause next autoplay mute unmute.

Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Industrial rail cart - heavy iron with wood - factory concrete floors with open walls - rafter birds, EW industrial railcart File type WAV 96kHz, 24bit. Library Eiravaein Works. Share share on Facebook share on Twitter. File type WAV 48kHz, 24bit. Library RZ Post. Creepy Door Violent Metal Creepy Door Metal Slow C Creepy Door Fast Metal C Library CA Sound.

Swarm of insects - bugs flying with wings - nighttime with frogs and cicadas — Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 3.

creepy girl singing

Category: Insects Tags: bugscreepyhorrorinsectinsects. Library Marcel Gnauk. File type WAV 44kHz, 24bit. Library Alan McKinney. Scratching kitchen foil Library Sound Ex Machina.

Scratching gravel with Category: Scrape Tags: creepygravelsandpaperscrapescrapingscratchscratching. Scraping piece of fabric slowly on muddy ground, long with a creepy sound. Scraping slowly a piece Category: Scrape Tags: creepyfabricgroundmuddyscraping.

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creepy girl singing

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Something similar like "ring around the rosies" or something similar to this song on this website: w-a-l-k-i-n-g-dead. Please recommend me some! It's pretty eerie and a little girl sings it anyway, also you could write something up of your own or ask a talented friend to do so.

Ensiferum vs. Converge This is the first one where I have already heard both songs. It has everything: emotion, power, excitement, and motion. One of the best tracks of the year, by one of the best bands of the decade.

And a half. Telekinesis "Two Weeks" starts out quite nice. It has kind of an "old school" vibe to it, and the falsetto vocals, while they skirt the boundary of my personal taste, are not particularly offensive to the ear. As you said, there are some very nice melodies and harmonies. Not bad at all.

This is actually a pretty good match-up, with both songs surprisingly good. Animal Collective vs. It is quite interesting, with a nice pulse to it, and very nice, somewhat ethereal vocals, and it's catchy in a good way.

Overall, actually a very good song. I guess I just don't like what they are doing with it. It's not terrible, but If I want that kind of music, I'll listen to a band that actually did back in the day. Lily Allen vs. Vincent "The Fear"'s beat is interesting, and good enough during the chorus, though it breaks down a little between.

The vocals are for the most part unnotable, sometimes slipping into my "unpleasant" range, but for the most part, alright. The whole song, actually, is petty forgettable. I don't hate it, but I doubt that I would choose to listen to it again. The beat seems a little more "driving", the instrumentals a little more interesting, and overall, just a little more "present". This is built up much more in the second half, and this song definitely goes somewhere, rather than just kind of existing.Wow, it's been a while since i watched the Exorcist i must have been around but damn, i must have watched a helluva censored version because i don't remember it being scary at all, and that video is pretty scary.

Good list! For another creepy little girl, check out Phone The daughter, Young-ju, is pretty much the creepiest thing ever. Great list! I love all of these choices.

Creepy Children Singing

Kids are creepy in general. Awesome list!! Epic list! I have to say, I might've put Samara up a little higher since that's one freaky fucking little girl, but I definitely agree that all those little girls are creeptastic. This post should probably also be called: 10 movies not to watch when you're pregnant. It's all about Rhoda. David Carradine's performance as the handyman Rhoda torches is unintentionally hilarious.

While a creepy kid, she was innocent of murder. Or am I mis-remembering?

creepy girl singing

Either way, a great movie. It also had one of the creepiest obese child molesters in movie history.

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Love this list!!! How'd the interview go with Jason from Yahoo? It was fun to be reminded of these movies. I always thought that creepy little girl from the film, The Haunting of Julia, was one of the worst. There was very little girl in the film, but that little shit made her way into my nightmares! The poltergeist girl wasn't all that creepy though. I think that the little girl from the Haunting of Julia was terrifying. You didn't really see much of her, though.

She was more a psychological construct. I loved that movie. There was very little gore, and yet it was scarier than many over the top gruesome films.

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