High end regulated box mods

We source our regulated mods from all over the world to ensure that we offer our customers the finest selection available. Max Power: 70W Requires 1 x Rubberised coating. Wattage: 1 - 30W Resistance: 0. Bluetooth App Control Dual battery device batteries not included. Power: Single battery. Box mods are a powerful type of mod that offers a greater deal of customisation. They usually have advanced features such as a screen for viewing settings, temperature control, variable voltage or wattage, power curves, or even voice-command recognition.

Box mods are typically assumed to be regulated mods, which are equipped with a circuit and chipset. They simply deliver raw power to the coils. The main benefit of box or regulated mods is that you can easily fine-tune the settings.

Just by looking at the screen, you know exactly what the values are. Compared to simpler devices, box mods also have a larger battery, which means they can keep your vape going longer and can generate more power. Sub-ohm vaping is a style of vaping that produces large amounts of vapour. This requires a vaping setup that can deliver greater power while having a resistance of less than one ohm.

Box mods are common devices for sub-ohm vapers. In fact, most of the popular vaping companies have box mods specifically meant for sub-ohm vaping. Remember to check the resistance and wattage capabilities of a box mod before purchasing, and do direct-to-lung hits when sub-ohm vaping. Wattage refers to how much power your battery is sending to your atomizer. The higher your wattage, the more intense your vape will be, resulting in high cloud production and a strong throat hit. To gauge it, start from the lowest wattage and slowly turn it up, constantly checking how your e-liquid tastes.

high end regulated box mods

Temperature control is another useful feature of box mods. This prevents your vape from going beyond a certain temperature, which prevents the unpleasant experience of dry hits.

As with wattage, your e-liquid will taste different based on the temperature, so test each temperature slowly from low to high. Vaping temperatures usually range from to C or to F.

high end regulated box mods

My Cart. New in. Sold Out.The vaping industry has been booming this year with new advancements and thus new vape mods. Box mods are more powerful and have more features than a disposable e-cigarette or vape pen and are meant to be used with an RDA, RDTA, or sub-ohm tank.


These box mods are the best of the best available on the market, and will perform beautifully no matter which one you choose. While most of the box mods on our list are regulated featuring built-in battery safety featuresyou should always use a good pair of high quality batteries meant for vaping. Geekvape Aegis Solo Buy Now 2. Voopoo Drag Mini Buy Now 3. Aegis X Buy Now 3. Uwell Valyrian 2 Buy Now 2. However, there are a few key differences. Mainly, the Aegis Solo is smaller and lighter than the Aegis Mini.

This is because it uses a single battery as opposed to the mAh built-in battery on the Aegis Mini. Additionally, you also get VPC Mode on the Aegis Solo which allows you to set up to five different wattages over the course of a single draw. This lets you to ramp up or taper down your wattage depending on what you like.

Of course, Geekvape always put safety first and this mod is no different. It comes with short-circuit protection, over charging and discharging protection, overheating protection, and overcurrent protection. The Aegis Solo is super safe to use and this makes it a great choice for beginner and advanced vapers alike. Plus, the Drag Mini is available in multiple finishes and resin options. The Drag Mini is an easy to use and reliable device that not only feels awesome to vape with, but looks awesome too.

The Jackaroo is available with either G10 or resin panels that are beautiful as well as interchangeable. The Jackaroo takes a singleor battery to function and will fire at up to W. This makes it a great, versatile device for mid-wattage vapers.

The 0.

high end regulated box mods

The theme of the display can also be changed to a few different colors to suit your preference. The Jackaroo is a mod built to withstand the roughest conditions while still delivering incredible performance. With a military-grade shockproof system as well as IP67 water and dust resistance, the Aegis Mini is one of the most durable and reliable box mods you can buy. Another great feature on the Aegis Mini is its rocker-styled fire button. This ergonomic design makes it very easy to fire and the Aegis Mini is comfortable to hold as well.

Overall, the Aegis Mini is a reliable and powerful box mod that delivers a solid vaping experience. Tanks up to 25mm will fit on the Swag II. It has an in-depth menu with various settings as well as three variable wattage modes: soft, normal and hard. The Swag II is a reliable and easy mod to use and thus perfect for any beginner vaper.Keep up to date and contact us.

Stab Wood Mods. Coronavirus Information. We are operating as normal in these difficult times. We have implemented extra hygiene measures to ensure as much safety as we can for you and our staff.

Please be aware that shipment times may be delayed and certain areas aren't being delivered to but full tracking information will always be available. We recommend that you check here to see the areas that are not being delivered to before ordering. We wish you all well. Slide title Write your caption here. Choose your. Range of Models. Shop by model.

Shop Different Models. Shop Single battery mods. Shop Twin battery mods. Shop battery mods. Shop Squonkers. OUR brands. The Asvape Gabriel Stab Wood high end box mod has an intelligent chip that will learn your vaping habits and can be run in power, temperature or bypass mode. Each mod is completely unique and beautifully finished with only the finest materials being selected.

Vicious Ant. Based in the Philippines all mods are hand made from their master modder. Jemit Designs. Jemit Designs are based in Malaysia and make incredibly desirable stab wood and hybrid mods that will turn many heads. Owning a high end. Stabilized wood box mods are very tactile vaping devices and can be admired many times over.The more time you spend vaping, the more you will want to get the best out of it.

Vape pens are good for a start and as much as they allow you some degree of customization, the catch is always the wattage. Since most of them hardly go over watts, the result is obviously a power deficit. But if you are looking for the best of both: power and customization, then you are going to find peace and satisfaction in using the best e cig mods. But as you can guess, not every vape is right for you.

Our focus today is on class and to an extent, price. Cheaper mods are good because first, they are relatively cheap and secondly, they can get the job done well. High-end vape mods, on the other hand, are the exact opposite: made out of materials of superior quality, very reliable and of course, relatively expensive.

Our list comprises of both regulated and unregulated top vape mods and we obtained it after multiple tests and sampling reviews from different vapers. Design-wise, its top comprises a connector made out of stainless steel and thanks to its extra depth, you will be able to fit any atomizers of different measurements mm on top of it.

You can as well use it with different types of tanks and RDAs.

Luxury Vape Mods: For Those Who Won’t Settle for the Second Best

However, this is one of the more safer boards to use when charging internally. Of all the reasons you could have for wanting to make a shift to a luxury vape mod, power is likely to take the top spot. And when it comes to that, the Flawless Tuglyfe w has just enough to fulfill your wish.

You can power it all the way to w but keep in mind that this will need an equally high-end atomizer or tank. However, you can still vape at lower wattages if desired. Another unique yet powerful aspect of this is the temperature control function. You can set it to work between FF, not to mention that it can handle Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Nickel wire.

You can even download the EScribe software and set up custom wire profiles. Also worth mentioning is that the unit makes use of a DNA chip and for the uninitiated, this chip is recent and not just accurate but very reliable. As for compatibility, expect the Flawless Tuglyfe DNA to work with a huge variety of tanks and atomizers.

SX mini-series of mods are a favorite to many vapers and for good reasons. Many relish them for their superior chipsets and powerful construction. YiHI, the manufacturers of this mods, have made it a tradition to always use new mods to introduce their new chipsets.

You have the option to use its built-in power modes or make use of the bypass function which lets you bypass the regulation and use the unit essentially as a mechanical device. Another special feature worth mentioning about this unit is that you can use the SXi-Q software to customize the logo as well as the power curves.

The SX mini G Glass is the second in its class to have a dual battery design implying that you have an extended battery life as well as higher wattage that goes up to watts. Overall, the unit bears incredible temperature control and with its multiple configurations, you can switch between different atomizers while never going through the pain of setting it up again. In recent years, there have been plenty of changes in the e-cig industry resulting from new innovations.

Dotmod takes the front seat in this movement as they have always fronted innovative products time and again. The new Dotbox V2 w TC Box Mod is one of them and just as the name suggests, it takes the wattage to a whole new level of watts with the minimum firing resistance set at 0.

This vape mod is powered by 2 high drain batteries, which will surely grant you excellent battery life. Such huge power would definitely need some flexibility, and this is made by their proprietary dotChip technology, which lets you choose temperature ranges between F and F, and has an adjustable 3 memory TCR, which allows you to fine-tune your vape experience.When I started vaping most two battery mods were about 99 dollars.

I considered them to be expensive vape mods but they where not high end at all. I bought one anyway cause that was just the price of an average vape at the time. Since then prices have come down quite a bit. That same battery mod would probably cost around 50 dollars now a days. For 99 dollars you can get a lot of great fancy high end mods that offer so much more then what I spent my money on. Today we will give you an extensive list of high priced vapes.

These are some of the most expensive vape mods that are high end and that you can actually buy. We will be examining expensive vape mods that you would consider when you want something just a little bit classier then that 50 dollar vape or box mod. Stylish and sleek with an aura of luxury surround it. But definitely remember to check back here for updates. Machined to precision with an elegantly etched design. Copper contacts with extremely low voltage drop.

Giving your that feeling of getting lucky each time you vape. Link 1 : Check Price. Features a 24k Gold Plated Body and controls. Glowing LED logo on the back. Loaded with the proprietary SXJ chipset and features easy joystick navigation. Cast in stainless steel carbon fiber that houses dual batteries. Built with intelligent monitoring system. A uniquely crafted wood box mod that is hand crafted, no two are a like! Features gold plated panels on the top and bottom for high quality vaping.

A hard hitting dual battery mechanical box mod made from anodized aluminum.We are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest mods on the planet and make sure we are always offering our customers the finest selection of high-end mods possible. Every atomizer sits flush. Powerful rare-earth magnet button with a locking feature. A Superior quality cerakote finish. Max Power: 70W Requires 1 x Rubberised coating. Competition mechanical mod Aluminium Constuction Limited edition.

Wattage: 1 - 30W Resistance: 0. Stainless Steel Carnage V. Most of the vaping devices on the market are mods. Generally, a mod consists of a battery, tank, and atomizeralong with a few replaceable components like coils or drip tips.

There are several types of mods available. Regulated or traditional mods are the most common. They have a circuit board controlling the power flow, so they usually come with safety features and even LED screens.

Box mods are a more powerful type of regulated mod.

high end regulated box mods

Along with a larger battery, they may offer adjustable voltage, wattage, and temperature. On the other hand, mechanical mods are unregulated mods that have no circuitry at all. Another type of mod is the squonk modwhich has a built-in bottle that you can squeeze to feed the e-liquid directly into the coils. VV mods typically have a voltage range of 3. Higher voltages yield stronger flavour, but the vapour also gets hotter.

Many vapers go for the middle of the range, at around 4. Wattage is the amount of power outputted by your device, and W is the common range. However, you can push this higher for sub-ohm vaping and cloud-chasing.

With temperature control, you can set the mod to a fixed temperature. Most mods are meant for only one battery size, so for maximum safety, stick with that. Some common batteries for mods are the,and These names are based on the physical size of the battery, with the being the smallest and the the largest here.

The larger the battery, the more power it can supply to your vaping device, and the longer you can vape with it. To make your mod last longer, you will have to clean it regularly. Wipe it with a towel and rubbing alcohol every week, switching to a Q-tip for parts that are harder to reach. As with e-liquids, mods must also be kept in cool, dry places. Some vapers even wrap their mods in a protective case. My Cart. New in.

Diplomat Mod from Avid Lyfe Every atomizer sits flush. Sold Out. Showing items of Welcome, visitor! Up for sale we have a large MarkBugz lot. Probably one of the more complete MarkBugs collections you will find being sold anywhere. MarkBugs is […]. Axis Vapes M17 Mini single It is number made. Really nice piece. Is has the DNA 75 chip. I will throw in a […]. Beautiful mod as you can see never left the house,rarely used, dna75c with escribe Color screen light wear on bottom edge Serial BLK Cerakoted finish […].

Vicious Ant Duke Stabilized wood mod 60 includes matching drip tip, bought directly from Vicious Ant and used it a hand full of times […]. This is a Unregulated squonk mod […]. Unregulated Box Mods iSkeith. Super Unicorn Ultra Own one of the most beautiful mods ever brought into existence. Unregulated Box Mods Nick Garrity.

Best Box Mods & Vape Mods 2020: Superb Single & Dual Battery Mods

I am selling off my collection. This is for a Monarch mechanical, parallel mod. Made by Aspen Mod Co. Manufactured by vape-monster in Korea. Unregulated Box Mods Israel. Here I have an authentic avid lyfe box mod. It is completely with all original parts.

As well as a silver spring. The box can […]. Unregulated Box Mods rastapharoah. Lightly used Gloomtem, serial number U This is the first version Mosfet and does not have the new RAM upgrade. Has 24mmwhich is […]. Unregulated Box Mods Judge Mechanical Mods sugarjohnson. Selling this cheap to finance another project. New but test fired. PM me for more info. The site Administrator s reserves the right, but undertakes no duty to review, edit, move, delete, or not publish any feedback submitted by users, at our sole discretion and without notice.

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