Sujok clinic and training centre kolkata west bengal

Offers counselling, care support, memory clinic, training for home carers, home visit, day care for dementia patients, etc, and runs helpline. Actively arranges events like awareness programs. Nilanjana Maulik Secretary of the chapter Email: ardsikolkata yahoo. This is open on Sunday mornings am to 2: pm, Phone: update received: April National Neurosciences Centre, is another possible resource for diagnosis support.

Earlier information indicated a diagnosis resource as Dr.

sujok clinic and training centre kolkata west bengal

Some of them may support dementia care, and even have facilities that accept dementia persons. Please satisfy yourself about the suitability and reliability while using any such agency for home health helpers:. Tribeca care : This claims to provide some dementia-related services and support. More information is not available, so please contact them to check reliability and suitability.

Website at tribecacare. Some multi-city organizations that may be offering support in Kolkata. Please note, service that is good in one city may not be good in another. Typical services to ask about: home nursing attendants, nurses, wound care and nursing proceduresphysiotherapy, doctor visits, home dental care, sample collections, equipment hire, pharmacy at home, etc. Some of them may claim to support dementia care. List below is alphabetically ordered. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get trained attendants, and many families use general attendants and train them on dementia themselves or with the help of volunteers.

Even attendants trained by agencies for dementia often need additional training. Additional Listings: Important organizations working for seniors.

Calcutta Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology Opens in new window works in the area of elder care, offering services to elders, doing training, research and publications, including training people for geriatric care.

sujok clinic and training centre kolkata west bengal

Dignity Foundation, Kolkata : This Mumbai-based organization works for senior citizens through initiatives in some large cities. Helpage helpline : This all-India organization with local branches supports senior citizens in multiple ways. They may also offer geriatric physiotherapy. Contact them at All-India tollfree number. Contact Helpage directly to see if they have any new offering specifically for dementia. Below are some tips for locating additional resources:.

Also note, contact numbers and addresses keep changing. I am not aware of any respite care in Kolkata that specializes in supporting persons with dementia, but please do contact ARDSI Kolkata listed above for updated information and general related support and suggestions. Also, please note that if you are looking for placing someone with dementia at a home, you will need to be very careful to check the suitability and reliability of the facility for the person you are placing, regardless of the reputation of the place.Have a requirement?

Get Best Price. View Mobile Number. Download Brochure. Send Email. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. The Sujok Therapy Institute. Su Jok therapy is based on the body correspondence principles. If we carefully analyze how closely our hands and feet follow the structure of our body, we shall be able to understand the mechanism behind the treatment and will be able to determine the points and areas that have to be stimulated in case of an illness.

Its application and benefits: Su Jok therapy is not man-made. Its origins are in nature. That is why the system is powerful and absolutely safe. It never does any harm, but just produces no effect if applied incorrectly.

Annual Turnover Upto Rs. Quality No drug ,No side effect patient satisfaction. Park Jae Woo. Meridians are invisible vertical bio-energy pathways in which energy Qi life force is flowing.

Su Jok therapy is a non-drug, non chemical multi dimensional therapeutic system comprising of various technique six-ki, six emotions, six reasons etc implemented in different categories of ailments and disorders with no side effect. It brings harmony at the level of mind, body and spirit.

After a long clinical research Prof. Park found a complete and unique diseases cure system representing the whole body organs and meridians on the hands and the feet. Save time!The word Acupuncture is derived from Latin. Acupuncture treatment is usually carried out by inserting very fine needles at acupuncture points. An Acupuncture point means a specific spot on the body surface where needling is done to get a particular therapeutic response.

The practice of cauterizing a part of the ear or body with a hot metal probe is very common in rural India and in many Asian countries even today. Well, this is nothing but a rudimentary form of acupuncture.

It is believed that acupuncture developed in both India and China, independently of each other. The oldest known Chinese book on acupuncture, Nei Ching, was probably written in the 2nd or 3rd century B. A volume of the Vedas, known as Suchi Veda, translated as the "art of piercing with a needle," was written approximately 3, years ago and dealt entirely with acupuncture.

The entire body is evaluated prior to therapy, regardless of the particular symptom. Acupuncture not only treats active disease but the cause of the disease as well. It is important to treat the cause because symptoms are just signals of a problem in the body. Chinese herbs may also be used in combination. Acupuncture Anesthesia is one of the most impressive developments of Chinese medicine. Although pain impulses are cut off by raising the pain threshold, other sensations like temperature, balance and vibration are found to remain intact.

Generally, it is thought to be more effective in head, neck and chest surgery. In India too, few major surgical operations have been performed under acupuncture analgesia and the results are encouraging. Such a doctor can use one or the other approach, or a combination of both, as the need arises to treat an illness. Considerable controversy has surrounded Acupuncture. Some propagate it with extravagant claims of its efficacy while others shun it for its lack of scientific standing.

To complicate matters further, there are fake training centres as well as fake acupuncturists. The scientific method consists of observations, inference and experiment, followed by the formulation of hypothesis, theories and laws which in turn are subject to verification or otherwise by further experiments. Acupuncture was born from keen observations of clinical facts. Therefore, acupuncture effects cannot be explained by a single theory.

Nor is acupuncture simply a trigger for releasing endorphins to create a temporary anesthetic effect by blocking nerves that transmit pain message, as currently maintained in medical circles. It is far more than that. Acupuncture was born out of experience of thousands of years. A free and balanced flow of Qi in the body expresses harmony and health while a blockage of this energy indicates illness. Qi travels along certain pathways called meridians.

Naturopathy Career, Jobs and Employment after 12th Class

Recent research for the mechanism of action of acupuncture has primarily focused on analgesic effect of Acupuncture and most of the work has confirmed the efficacy of Acupuncture. This is well supported by the Gate control theory which offers peripheral analgesia and Endorphin theory which induces central analgesia. According to recent studies, acupuncture points are believed to stimulate the central nervous system the brain and spinal cord to release chemicals medicines.

Yesteryears we believed that the brain stopped developing after the first few years of life. If a particular area of the adult brain was damaged, the nerve cells could not form new connections or regenerate, and the functions controlled by that area of the brain would be permanently lost. Today we recognize that the brain continues to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.

This phenomenon is known as neuroplasticity. It allows the neurons in the brain to compensate for injury and adjust their activity in response to new situations or changes in their environment.Choosing the centre is very important. One should always look for the centre which has the highest number of successful IVF treatment at affordable ra Currently, the fertility market has grown exponentially as IVF has become affordable and easily available.

sujok clinic and training centre kolkata west bengal

Fertility treatments are extremely advanced Infertility has also made its place in the list of major ailments in India. Hence, the government and medical association should help fertility centre Earlier the treatment, better will be the results. Since the IVF market is growing extremely well, more and more people are turning towards fertility They say when one door gets closed another opens. IVF is one such door which welcomes you with open arms. Understand its process and do not lose hope Fertility treatment should be based on proper guidelines, and it should also be curated keeping in mind patient's financial, social and mental conditi Choosing the best IVF clinic in Kolkata is definitely a private decision.

Hence, the requirements will depend on your own circumstances. Following points have to be considered while choosing the best IVF center in Kolkata for your specific needs: Professional services offered. The fallopian tubes venture out from either side of the entire body of the uterus and also shape the pathways in which the egg can be carried out from the ovary into the uterus.

The fallopian tubes are around ten centimeter in length as well as the exterior edge of every tube is funnel-shaped, resulting in lengthy fringes referred to as fimbriae.

The fimbriae capture the developed egg as well as guide it right into the fallopian tube once emitted by the ovary explained our IVF specialist in Kolkata Dr. Will the infertility clinic offer you the treatment which is right for you? How about some supplementary services you might want for instance a support group in addition to free counselling? Indira IVF clinic in Kolkata is armed with cutting-edge commercial infrastructure, sophisticated equipment and a group of outstanding fertility specialists.

And are seriously dedicated to giving all the major as well as ancillary assistance associated with your entire treatment under the same roof.


Since they recognize the importance of a concerted, detailed and professionally managed the system for your successful pregnancy. A few clinics have got age and body mass index BMI considerations for cures.

Some merely take care of private clients.

sujok clinic and training centre kolkata west bengal

Get in touch with your shortlist of potential clinics to check and see if you are qualified to receive treatment there. At Indira IVF center in Kolkata, we think that every wannabe mother should get an equal opportunity to become one, so we follow a very liberal policy.

And hence, all are welcome to have a free second opinion here. So how comfortable is the specific location? In the event you select an infertility clinic in Kolkata which is even further away, you might be capable of having some treatment options at a local healthcare facility. This may help you save going to the infertility center for each and every test as well as treatment, rendering it easier.

You may even wish to pick an infertility center which includes opening times which are most effective to suit your needs — for instance, an infertility center in Kolkata which offers dawn or dusk meetings.Angel Multispeciality Clinic is a Neuro rehabilitation and child development center to provide effective personalised treatment for kids with special needs. The clinic is ergonomically designed keeping the patient's comfort in mind. All patients are assured of the best services and thorough attention is paid to hygiene and sanitation.

We provide comprehensive assessments and advanced treatments to the patients through the latest technology, research and equipment. Operations Commenced On Franchise Commenced On Investment INR 5lac - 10lac. Likely pay back period of capital for a Unit Franchise Months. Type of property required for this franchise opportunity Commercial.

Floor area requirement - Sq. Preferred location of unit franchise outlet Main road. Is field assistance available for franchisee? Expert guidance from Head Office to franchisee in opening the franchise Yes. Current IT systems will be included in the franchise Yes. Do you have a standard franchise agreement? How long is the franchise term for? Is the term renewable? Your contact detail has been shared with the company.

Hotline: Loan Against Property. Select Max Investment Rs. Register Register Login. Enter your email address associated with your Franchiseindia account and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Appoint Channel Partners Franchisor Registration. Business Categories. Two Wheeler.Have a requirement? Get Best Price. Get Latest Price. View Complete Details. View Mobile Number. Download Brochure. Send Email.

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Colour Therapy Get Best Quote. Magnetic Therapy Get Best Quote. About Us. Su Jok therapy is based on the body correspondence principles. If we carefully analyze how closely our hands and feet follow the structure of our body, we shall be able to understand the mechanism behind the treatment and will be able to determine the points and areas that have to be stimulated in case of an illness.

Its application and benefits: Su Jok therapy is not man-made. Its origins are in nature. That is why the system is powerful and absolutely safe. It never does any harm, but just produces no effect if applied incorrectly. Nature of Business Service Provider. Total Number of Employees Upto 10 People. Year of Establishment Annual Turnover Upto Rs. Interested in this product? Get Best Quote. Colour Therapy Get Latest Price. Su Jok therapy is not man-made.

Yes, I am interested! Kyukaku cupping is used within a number of acupuncture styles. There are two main uses of cupping: stationary and in massage.

Stationary cupping is used in TCM to clear stagnation of blood; to facilitate the release of pathogenic factors; and to dispel internal heat.

Massage cupping, or the use of glass cups, held by suction, to massage the body, can be added into almost any massage or bodywork session. The action on the nervous system is sedating, and clients will often experience a deep state of relaxation. Moxawool is made of dry moxa leaves Artemisia Vulgaris grond into a fine powder with the coarse residue removed. It has the properties of warming and removing obstruction of meridians.

Magnetic Therapy Get Latest Price. Different kinds of magnet are especially designed for the purpose of influencing meridians energy channels and chakras energy wheel. Park Jae Woo. Meridians are invisible vertical bio-energy pathways in which energy Qi life force is flowing. It brings harmony at the level of mind, body and spirit. After a long clinical research Prof.Spiritual World Ltd.

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The company's wellness products include astrology products, such as yantras, gemstones, rudraksh, and horoscopes; aromatherapy candles; acupressure instruments; yoga accessories; books, CDs, and audio cassettes; and feng shui items, as well as health fitness products consisting of yoga mats and kits. The company's wellness services comprise yoga sessions for individuals, groups, and corporate customers; acupressure and sujok treatments; stress management; astrology and vaastu consultations; health, diet, and lifestyle counseling; and naturopathy prescription services, as well as health and wellness camps.

Spiritual World also provides various software and Web development services, including software development, Internet and Web development, IT and computer training, software implementation, and IT consultation services.

In addition, the company operates a wellness centre, which comprises yoga studio, wellness store, and therapy clinic, as well as a wellness store that sells various products for the mind, body, and spirit. Contact Details: Purchase the T. EMIS company profiles are part of a larger information service which combines company, industry and country data and analysis for over emerging markets. Home India Educational Services T. Search more companies T. Buy our report for this company USD Outstanding Shares:.

Purchase the T. Purchase this report to view the information. Chief Financial Officer. Company Performance. Financial values in the chart are available after T. Request a demo of the EMIS service.

Annual growth percentages for latest two years in local currency INR. Absolute financial data is included in the purchased report. Operating profit EBIT. USD Buy this company report. Need ongoing access to company, industry or country information?

Request a demo.

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