Volume 26, issue 1 (2006)

Strapline: For the financial services sector Category: Marketing. This paper aims to investigate how banking websites can activate customer engagement CE to consequently enhance customer trust and retention. The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of appearance, lifestyle and status similarity on interaction intensity, satisfaction with a banker and….

The purpose of the study is to test the effect of relationship managerial behavior i. This study examines the salesperson-driven unethical behavior toward consumers in the retail banking context. This research provides a new perspective in explaining cardholders' willingness to use debit cards instead of cash by applying the transaction costs economic theory. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback.

You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here. You can also find out more about Emerald Engage. Visit emeraldpublishing. Answers to the most commonly asked questions here. Strapline: For the financial services sector. Category: Marketing. All Issues EarlyCite. Volume 38 Issue 5 Issue 4 Issue 3 Issue 2 Issue 1 Issue 7 Issue 6 Issue 5 Issue 4 Exploring Financial Wellbeing.

Issue 7 Mobile banking. Issue 5 Emerging research in consumer financial literacy. Issue 5 Financial exclusion. Issue 6 Maintaining engaged customer relationships in financial services.

Issue 5 Building Trust in Financial Services.

volume 26, issue 1 (2006)

Issue 6 Far Eastern Banking in what direction is the tiger moving. Issue 6 Social issues in banking. Issue 4 Relationship marketing strategies of Indian banks in the wake of the global economic slowdown.

Issue 7 Insurance. Issue 2 Consumer confidence in financial services after the crunch new theories and insights. Issue 5 Mobile banking, buying and payments. Issue 1 Trust in financial services new theories and insights.

Issue 7 Interactive marketing in financial services. Issue 1 The future of retail banking.Inan unprecedented outbreak of serogroup W infection occurred among the Indigenous pediatric population of Central Australia; there were 24 cases over a 5-month period.

Among these cases were atypical manifestations, including meningococcal pneumonia, septic arthritis, and conjunctivitis. The outbreak juxtaposed a well-resourced healthcare system against unique challenges related to covering vast distances, a socially disadvantaged population, and a disease process that was rapid and unpredictable.

A coordinated clinical and public health response included investigation of and empiric treatment for febrile children, provision of prophylactic antimicrobial drugs for close contacts, and implementation of a quadrivalent meningococcal ACWY conjugate vaccine immunization program.

The response contained the outbreak within 6 months; no deaths and only 1 case of major illness were recorded. After a chikungunya outbreak in Salvador, Brazil, we performed a cross-sectional, community-based study of 1, inhabitants to determine chikungunya virus CHIKV seroprevalence, identify factors associated with exposure, and estimate the symptomatic infection rate. CHIKV seroprevalence was Infections were independently and positively associated with residences served by unpaved streets, a presumptive clinical diagnosis of chikungunya, and recall of an episode of fever with arthralgia in — Our findings indicate that the chikungunya outbreak in Salvador may not have conferred sufficient herd immunity to preclude epidemics in the near future.

The unusually low frequency of symptomatic disease points to a need for further longitudinal studies to better investigate these findings. In close partnership with local healthcare systems, San Diego County Public Health led a public health response to the outbreak that focused on a 3-pronged strategy to vaccinate, sanitize, and educate.

Healthcare systems administered nearly half of the vaccinations delivered in San Diego County. At University of California San Diego Health, the use of informatics tools assisted with the identification of at-risk populations and with vaccine delivery across outpatient and inpatient settings. In addition, acute care facilities helped prevent further disease transmission by delaying the discharge of patients with hepatitis A who were experiencing homelessness.

volume 26, issue 1 (2006)

We assessed the public health roles that acute care hospitals can play during a large community outbreak and the critical nature of ongoing collaboration between hospitals and public health systems in controlling such outbreaks. We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis to investigate the effect of macrolide resistance on the manifestations and clinical judgment during M.

However, in the pooled data, patients infected with MRMP had a longer febrile period 1. Our findings indicate diagnostic and therapeutic challenges after the emergence of MRMP.

More precise diagnostic tools and clearly defined treatment should be appraised in the future. Population genetic analysis revealed that Plasmodium knowlesi infections in Malaysian Borneo are caused by 2 divergent parasites associated with long-tailed cluster 1 and pig-tailed cluster 2 macaques. Because the transmission ecology is likely to differ for each macaque species, we developed a simple genotyping PCR to efficiently distinguish between and survey the 2 parasite subpopulations.

volume 26, issue 1 (2006)

This assay confirmed differences in the relative proportions in areas of Kapit division of Sarawak state, consistent with multilocus microsatellite analyses. Analyses of 1, human infections at Kapit Hospital showed that cluster 1 caused approximately two thirds of cases with no significant temporal changes from to We observed an apparent increase in overall numbers in the most recent 2 years studied, driven mainly by increased cluster 1 parasite infections.

Continued monitoring of the frequency of different parasite subpopulations and correlation with environmental alterations are necessary to determine whether the epidemiology will change substantially.

Using questionnaires and serologic testing, we evaluated bat and lyssavirus exposure among persons in an area of Nigeria that celebrates a bat festival. Bats from festival caves underwent serologic testing for phylogroup II lyssaviruses Lagos bat virus, Shimoni bat virus, Mokola virus.

Even though we found no evidence of phylogroup II lyssavirus exposure among humans, persons interacting with bats in the area could benefit from practicing bat-related health precautions.

volume 26, issue 1 (2006)

Orientia tsutsugamushispotted fever group rickettsioses, and typhus group rickettsioses TGR are reemerging causes of acute febrile illness AFI in Southeast Asia.

Dizziness and acute hearing loss but not eschars were reported more often with acute rickettsioses. Only 2 patients were treated with doxycycline. To control the rise in Neisseria meningitidis strain W infections, during —, the Netherlands launched a catch-up meningococcal conjugate MenACWY vaccination campaign for teenagers 13—18 years of age. Applying a mental models approach, we surveyed teenagers and their parents about their knowledge and beliefs about meningococcal disease, the MenACWY vaccination, vaccinations in general, and their MenACWY vaccination intentions.

Using random forest analysis, we studied predictions of vaccination intentions by knowledge and beliefs. Survey response rate was MenACWY vaccination intentions were best predicted by knowledge and beliefs about vaccinations in general, surpassing knowledge and beliefs about meningococcal disease and the MenACWY vaccination.Category: Industry and Public Sector Management.

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The purpose of this paper is to examine the gendered effects of marriage and parenthood on income inequality among police officers. The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive literature review of prior empirical studies that have examined early intervention EI systems or programs in policing.

Drawing from representative bureaucracy theory, hiring minority police officers has been a perpetual reform recommendation for improving tense police-community…. There remain several underaddressed issues in the procedural justice literature.

The authors draw from a rich body of psychological research on how the sociopolitical…. Citizen trust in police is important in terms of citizen consent to government policies and of police achieving their organizational goals. In the previous study…. Gender representation in policing is an important but understudied topic. This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between female representation in police departments….

This study examines women's reporting behaviors in US federal law enforcement and provides an exploratory analysis of individual and occupational variables to describe the…. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect and duration of supervised field training on police cadets' worldview of police work in China. The purpose of this paper is to draw a better understanding of the potential impact of daylight in officer decision making. In order to this, the authors test the veil of….

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You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here. You can also find out more about Emerald Engage. Visit emeraldpublishing. Answers to the most commonly asked questions here.JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Faculty of Theology, University of the Free State English: This article addresses the ethics of affirmative action in South Africa from a Christian ethical perspective.

It firstly evaluates the Biblical teachings of redistributive justice and the implications of these English: The article addresses the neglect of space in theology. It is argued that any retrieval of space requires a transcendent referent and practical application. Hence, space is treated in relation to the doctrine English: The aim of this article is to give an account of the interaction between Christianity and African Traditional Religion found in African Christian theology.

The comparison is made with special reference to the English: Severe natural disasters such as the tsunami off Indonesia in often lead to a demand for theological enlightenment. English: Some theologians have reacted negatively to the postmodern challenge Wells, Groothuisothers more positively McGrath, Thiselton, Vanhoozer, Grenz.

Onward Christian soldiers! English: On the topic of Christians in the army, the author compares two traditions in Christian theology, one of which being Eusebius. In this tradition, soldiers are praised as warriors for the sake of God. A recent English: On 5 November the well known theologian Johan Heyns was brutally murdered in Pretoria — an event which was commemorated ten years later on 5 November In this article the author investigates the immense English: This article pays tribute to the honouree by reflecting on the nature of Reformed confession, including confessional documents as well as rich and complex ways of confessing.

A first section argues that the English: In the introduction to this article an attempt is made to indicate why this issue has become relevant, if not urgent, in the so-called Afrikaans churches. The next section highlights the emphasis by contemporary Sonde met die wese van die sondeleer-versteurde daad, verhouding of toestand?Enter Search Terms Search. University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources. University of California. Volume 74, Issue 2, April-June Volume 74, Issue 1, January-March Volume 73, Issue 3, July-December Volume 73, Issue 2, April-June Rangeland recovery after wildfire.

Volume 72, Issue 4, October-December Phytophthora contamination of ecological restoration sites. Volume 72, Issue 3, July-September Volume 72, Issue 2, April-June Volume 72, Issue 1, January-March Volume 71, Issue 4, October-December Volume 71, Issue 2, April-June Volume 71, Issue 1, January-March Drones. Volume 70, Issue 4, October-December Rangelands.

Volume 70, Issue 3, July-September The evolving berry industry. Volume 69, Issue 4, October-December Private lands habitat programs benefit native birds.

Volume 67, Issue 4, October-December Cultivating urban agriculture. Volume 67, Issue 2, April-June New life for conservation banks: Reforms streamline landmark program. Volume 66, Issue 3, July-September Long-term study: Conservation tillage saves soil, time and money. Volume 65, Issue 4, October-December Stewards of the land: Private owners share views on forest and range resources. Volume 64, Issue 1, January-March Improving health on the farm.

Volume 63, Issue 3, July-September Native bees enrich urban gardens. Volume 62, Issue 1, January-March Better wines, more vines: California and the world wine revolution.Colleague's E-mail is Invalid. Your message has been successfully sent to your colleague.

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